Hi this is TJ and Mike of TJ Wellness Zone from sunny but somtimes rainy Singapore. Between the two of us, our expertise expand in areas of Human Resource Development, with specialisation in career transition coaching in the military perspective and Sales and Marketing and Business Development in the corporate world. TJ is going through a truly transformational training program which would definitely result in self-realisation. We are ready to preach our philosophy to anyone willing to listen.

TJ Wellness Zone (TJWZ) blog is for the purpose of sharing experiences in self-development for anyone in the coaching and wellness industry. However, it is not about alternative healing, but of the depth (“Well”) of learning through the journey in the Internet “Zone”. It is the place to advocate the learning and self-investment needed to realise the yield in Return On Investment of the business! With her passion in self-development, coaching and mentoring, TJ lives up to her motto: ASK GWEN – Always Seek Knowledge and Give Without Expectations or Negativity!

TJ profess to coach and lead like-minded marketers and entrpreneurs and is set to propel them to greatness through attraction marketing. Leading the novice in the industry while concurrently partnering with experts in the field, the skies the limit!

Wishing everyone Health, Wealth, Happiness and Harmony on your journey to success!

TJ and Mike

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