It’s funny how one’s life journey travels. There are ups and downs in our personal and working life. If we were to draw a graph, it would have an uncanny resemblance of the financial graph that paper investors looks at! But how do we deal with such a volatile environment around ourselves. How can we avoid the pitfalls of negativity in the down trends? What do we do when we are on the up trends? There are several ways:

1. Get in touch with your inner self
2. Meditation is a wonderful tool for calming of the body and bring in the energy
3. Self-talk is key. Always use positive affirmations because “Positive Affirmations is the Prescription for Success & Happiness” TJ
4. Visualisation would take to a ‘better place’ and detox the negativity of the isuues/problems 5. Make plans for both up and down trends with a ‘go forward’ attitude. Don’t dwell on the pass as it is history
6. Take action on the plans be it ‘to do’ or ‘to rid of’
7. Celebrate achievements no matter how small and also happiness to let the positive energy come through.

Although we do these things to even off or smoothen the volatility graph, we do not want to eradicate the trends for that are what makes this life journey a special and memorable one. I leave you with wishes of Health, Wealth, Happiness and Harmony in Your Life!
Success is a State of Mind, Think and Visualise Success to Develop Your State of Mind! TJ