I have been in a relationship wth IT has been on for more than a decade. We got along fantastic as there were mutual understanding and expectations of each other. You wouldn’t begin to realise how head over heels I was when I first got my introduction and connection to IT. It was love @ first click; I was hooked right there!

IT got all these data & information uploaded in every milliseconds from every crook and cranny of the earth and I expecting IT to regurgitate all that I ask for by the click of this gadget called the mouse. IT was never intimidating, never adking – except with flickering of the dash or arrow point! IT understood everything I wanted and never declined any requests…

The information highway was where we met and hung out. It was mind boggling how IT always managed to get me to where I wanna go and got me all that I need to know…. Like the song goes, “The search is over, you are here with me at last”… The obsession was overwhelming! As the basic human psychology of Attraction – I read somewhere that Attraction is not a choice; we all know that there has to be “chemistry” to be attracted.

First there was Yahoo!, then Google… oh, and there was this short fling with a guy called Jeeves during my college days when I had to look for meta search engines. I considered myself ‘hip’ as a matured student studying Electronic Commerce in college with the comfort of knowing that IT was always there for me! Why this major? As explained above, the chemistry and attraction albeit the human to human portion.

Well, college is over, but our relationship has grown from strength to strength and with it my self-development and also IT’s development – growing from a the first version of WEB 1.0 doing B2B, B2C to P2P & now Web 2.0 with Facebook, WAYN, MySpace & other social network community!

Oh how contented I am with this special relationship and I look forward to the blossoming of a new era with IT.

Health, Wealth, Happiness & Harmony!

ASK GWEN – Always Seek Knowledge; Give Without Expectations or Negativity